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Tan-Jent Development Company, LLC was Founded by Terrence S. Jennings.  He is a Licensed Realtor-ABR, Licensed Insurance Advisor, Telecom/Techchnology Sales Leader, Solar Energy & Sustainable Delivery Specialist.  Further, Mr. Jennings has invaluable years and certificates of continuing education, training and development within the sustainability, telecommunications, technology, real setate and insurance industries. 


Mr. Jennings, from Chester County PA, often wondered how he could inject or rather interconnect all these feature rich and benefit driven components in such a way, that could bring them all together within real estate project, and win.


Now what does all of this actually mean

It means that as a practice, whenever feasible, in the projects we design and or develop and bring to market, we will follow the Triple Bottom Line Model of Sustainability (People, Planet, Profit) which is further defined by these words:  


"We will indulge in projects that care about & include the people.  Projects that care about the environment and are infused with technology in tangible ways that lessen and or reduce ecological impact.  Projects that create jobs and deliver profitable, sustainable enterprise..."

Tan-Jent Development Company LLC's pespective is as follows:
"At the forefront of everything we do, is the notion that each and every development project in the world, will soon be required to inject Smart-Green-Sustainable components.  We will utlilize smart technologies, weaving such into and throughout the scope of project concept. The scopes covered should incude but not be limited to: HVAC Systems, Building and Materials, Azimuth of physical buildings, Operations and Facilities with building automation solutions, energy management systems and more, as main components of the projects green plan..."


Where Innovative Minds, Never Sleep!

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