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Commercial - Personal, Residential, owner occupied solutions are available too.

Tan-Jent Development Company, LLC


Funding & Bonds For All


We are please to announce that Tan-Jent Development Company, LLC is now a Funding Consultant and Bonding Consultant meaning we can now help our clients obtain the funding they require for their personal and or business needs, and the bonds they need to insure there businesses protection.  To follow is a list of many of the products we now offer.  For the details simply go to our contact page fill it out and hit send.  In the message area please be sure to tell us how how we can be of assistance.


We offer Bonds of all types: Construction Bonds for contractors, Dishonesty Bonds for any business where employees handle monies. 


Commercial 144A Bond Funding Program

About Bond Funding: Bond Funding is a fast, low cost non-recourse way to finance many types of real estate and non-real estate projects. It can take the form of either a 144A or Reg., D structure. To further enhance an offering the client has the options of debt, convertible debt, preferred convertible stock, preferred stock or stock to raise the desired capital.


Benefits of a Bond Offering Eligible Projects (Must have legitimate project)
Up to 100% LTV Stabilized Real Estate
No Personal Guarantee Construction
No Credit Check Rehab
No Asset Verification Agriculture
Best Efforts Basis Mines
Closing Timeline – as little as 90 to 120 days Oil & Gas
Low Underwriting Fee Energy
Flexible Re-Payment Terms Non Real Estate such as technology, Pharmaceutical,
Major Business Acquisitions/Expansion
Territory: Worldwide Amount: $1,000,000.00 - $500,000,000.00 USD & UP (NO CAP)


Business Lines of Credit

The Credit Line is based upon your monthly business cash flow, 6 months statements are required along with a credit score of 650 and up.  We maybe able to use the businesses PAYDEX score as well to qualify your business.


RCN Capital/Lending Home/Visio Lending

Residential Fix & Flip/Residential Fix & Lease/Commercial Bridge/Cash Out

Found a great construction project and need to get it funded, with a credit score of 600 or more and 6 months of bank statements which shows your cash flow and ability to pay (from $50,000 up to $2,000,000) we'll get you the funding.  

Rates from 9.9% - 12% depending upon credit (FICO) scores


Working Capital/ Short Term Business Loans/Equipment Leasing/SBA Loans/Receivables & Truck Factoring...

Excellent for contracting type of businesses whereby you are awarded a contract and now you must have the funds to do the jobs.
Must have the ability to show contract/invoice/receivables with a credit score above 620.  Once approved 80% -90% (depending on credit) of contract is forwarded within 5 business days, fees are 3% to us as consultant and 1 point per week to funding source.  Once you payoff the advancement of funds in full the balance of 10% - 20% is released on an immediate basis.


You need a new tractor we've got you covered, you need a  new machine for your business we'v got you covered.

A credit score of 650 or more and 6 months of bank statements which shows your cash flow and ability to pay.


Unsecured Personal loans for Personal and or Business Use, you decide.

 $20,000 -$200,000

Funds as early as 10 Days, Revolving Lines of Credit, as low as 6.99%

The higher your FICO score the more money you can get.

No Income Documentation, No Verification of Employment, No Upfront fees, No Application Fees


Nationwide Residential Funding Solutions

Details coming soon!

Let us know what you need and if we do not have the program you need we will search to find the one you need.

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