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Sustainable Building Design & Construction Concepts delivered through the Triple Bottom Line Model of Sustainability: People, Planet, Profit!

Tan-Jent Development Company, LLC is all about providing great results; to that end we have established the The Tan-Jent A Team to handle all of the details of any real estate and or land development project.  From Funding - Acqusitions - Design and Build Out to a stunning world class finished product.  Our hand picked team is of the very best in what they do, which allows for Tan-Jent Development Company, LLC to offer a wide range top drawer services to our clients and prospects alike which may include but is not limited to the products and services listed below.


The Tan-Jent A Team offers Architecture Site and Design handled by Kimmel Bogrette , Anything Electrical (Smart Buildings and more) handled by Tri-M Group, Multiphase Engieering including Commsioning handled by Mark Ulrick Engineers, Genereal Contracting, Project Management, Construction and Design handled by Nason Construction, Project Concept Development, Funding, Sustainable Building, Design and Construction including Solar Farm Applications, Roof Top, Ground and or Canopy Mount, Residential Building & Improvement handled by Tan-Jent Development Company, LLC.  Real Estate Transactions handled by Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Fox Roach, Realtors of Malvern PA, Real Estate Law handled by Gawthrop Greenwood.


Be it home building, improvement or rennovation, commercial, industrial and or mixed use development, we will honor the triple bottom Line of sustainability using technology, green materials, flexibility, creativity, innovation, site design, building automation, energy management systems whenever possible to deliver world class results that indeed deliver sustainable, ecologically friendly, profitable enterprise.


Our team of experienced Builders, Engineers, Real Estate Professionals and Dynamic Architecture & Site designers will focus on your precise wishes to deliver a cost-effective solution that focus on (YOU THE CLIENT) people, profit (ROI) and planet.


Whether it's a dream home being built or improved, a mixed use project, corporate head quarters and or a serious Land/Economic Development project, when it comes to real estate based projects Tan-Jent Development Company, LLC utilizing our hand picked Tan-Jent A Team has the skill, expertise and talent to exceed your expectations. Trust Tan-Jent Development Company, LLC and the Tan-Jent A Team to build your future and we will deliver a world class experience every time.


If you have a project and are in need of land or you have land in need of a project Tan-Jent Development Company, LLC excels at briging that gap.   We have investors, we know of land in key places; we have in-house concepts and projects ready to go at all times and now we can get you the funding too.  So pick up the phone and give us a ring you'll be excited that you did.


Dial 484 320-7862 ask for Terrence S. Jennings tell him what you want and need; he will get to work on making it all come to fruition...








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